Vertical Plastic Pump
VPN series

VPN series

Very sturdily built vertical submerged plastic centrifugal pumps with column lengths of up to 4.500mm providing great flexibility in managing the fluid levels of a tank compared to lower column lengths, as they provide the possibility of starting 100mm above the level of the pump body.

The column bearings are constantly cooled by the pumping product or by the injection of external liquid if the process requires due to the presence of abrasive elements, thereby protecting the bearings of the unit.

According to customer needs, an extension suction tube can be attached to the vertical centrifugal pumps in order to reach the total depth of the tank, depending on its size and characteristics.

The bearing units are divided into 3 types according to the power required by the process, with the possibility of attaching high power motors of up to size IEC 315. The robustness of the units ensures adequate mechanical resistance to the most demanding operations.

A wide special arrangements can be implemented according project specifications.

The vapour-tightness of the column of the unit is achieved by anticorrosion seals.

  • PP
  • PEH
  • PVC
  • PVDF
  • GRP

ATEX 94/9/CE arrengement under request.

  • Flow up to  480 m3/h.
  • Head up to  100 m.c.l.
  • Immersion length up to 4500 mm
  • Prolongation filter pipe from 100 mm up to customer requirement.

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