Service & support

Technical support and advice:

To meet the goal which Inbeat Equipment is working towards, the technical support and advice we give our customers is important.

To technically define a pump that conforms to the process needs, the implementation preferences will be requested, either a horizontal centrifugal pump in EN22858 or monobloc or a vertical centrifugal pump

The characteristics of any type of centrifugal pump mentioned will be assessed and calculated according to the customer’s needs, providing a solution tailored to the process and operation that the customer needs, these characteristics are usually the following:

  • Working conditions Q/H adjusted to the installation.
  • Suitability for continuous or discontinuous work.
  • Need for self-priming.
  • Pressurised installation.
  • Type of shaft sealing (single interior, double interior, balanced exterior, etc).

This information will be provided when the technical offer is presented, being open to the modifications that may arise according to the customer’s technical needs.


Post Sales Service and Spare Parts:

Thanks to our complete traceability system we can guarantee the availability of spare parts for the life span of equipment provided.

The serial nº of the centrifugal pump will provide access to the detailed information needed to ensure the availability of the same or updated replacement component which is technically interchangeable with the original.



In our installations we carry out repair operations if the customer requires it with prior budget delivery.

The evaluation of the possible causes of the damage is shared with the customer, with support of images of the damaged parts.

Moreover, if the use of the equipment is requested for a different process than the initial one, our technical department would assess the possible transformations of the pump, thus making the acquisition of new equipment unnecessary.

The quality and customer satisfaction is our main goal

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