Metallic centrifugal pump EN 22858 IN series

Bombas serie IN

IN Serie

Centrifugal pumps IN Series according to EN-22858, ISO-2858. are made of 1.4408 as standard material, they are designed to support the most varied assemblies of mechanical seals, as well as heating or cooling chambers at the front and/or back of the pump.

Their robustness and reliability make them suitable for the demanding working conditions of today’s industry. The alloy material provides great durability when the chemical compatibility of the process with the 1.4408 alloy so permits.


The shaft sealing systems meet the needs of the process with the possibility of installing a wide range of market seals, either single, double in opposition or external well balanced for these centrifugal pumps IN.


  • EN 1.4408 (AISI-316)
  • EN 1.4308 (AISI-304)
  • Special alloys under request
  • SF
  • Simple internal seal
  • Double seal
  • Balanced external seal

ATEX 94/9/CE arrangement under request

  • Flow up to 450 m3/h.
  • Head up to 120 m.c.l.

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