bombas quimicas siderurgia

Spare parts and traceability of components

We first arrived in the sector of the design and manufacture of equipment conceived to stand up to the severest working conditions over 40 years ago. As a manufacturer of equipment with a long service life and which consequently requires maintenance, we have identified all the equipment and the technical and operational characteristics, registered the initial components and any subsequent alterations to enable us to supply whatever spare parts are needed.

INBEAT guarantees the availability of the components of our equipment throughout the service life of the same.

Repair service

  • Free-of-charge repair estimates for our customers.
  • All replaced components are returned together with the equipment.
  • Verification of the perfect working order of the equipment repaired on our testing bench.

Technical support

  • Analysis of the likely causes of the damage suffered by equipment under repair.
  • Recommendation for the replacement of materials and/or components for the equipment submitted for repair with the aim of extending the service life of the same.
  • Technical assessment of the need to resolve problems exposed by the customer.