bombas quimicas siderurgia

The chemical industry

Within the chemical industry, our equipment is widely used in processes involving chemical substances; from the loading, unloading and transfer of such substances until operations geared to the purification, recycling and recovery of highly corrosive chemical substances.

The scope of use in the chemical sector is wide-ranging: Producers of industrial chemical substances, oil refineries, oil and carbon by-products, cadmium products, plastic products, etc.

The environment

The protection of the environment encompasses all sectors of activity and the treatment of water including that of aste water, effluents and leachates from landfills. Our equipment is used in processes of vehiculation, mixing, homogenization, measuring effluents, etc.

In relation to the elimination of pollutants spilled into the atmosphere, our pumps function in the processes of absorption and elimination of odours in absorption towers and scrubbers. They are also used for the treatment of acid condensates arising from sulphur emissions.


With regard to the treatment of water, our equipment is ideal for several different processes of desalination, both for the vehiculation of chemical agents and the chemical cleaning of membranes and in the management of neutralisation deposits in connection with desalination processes.   

The steel industry

The vast steel industry requires thermoplastic pumps with high levels of reliability for the treatment of rolled steel.

Our equipment is appropriate for use on lines of passivated, pickled, blackened, and galvanized steels, among others.